[ The "Subway Tokens" Collection ]
Silver Commemoratives 144-Piece Mintmark & Variety Set,
Circulation Strikes (1892-1954)

     Offered here is the world-class “Subway Tokens” Collection of Silver Commemoratives (1892-1954). This 144-piece set is currently ranked as the #2 set in the PCGS Set Registry for this series and also holds the title of #2 for the all-time finest set in this series across all eras! This particular challenge of assembling these 144 pieces in top grade has been done by only several silver commemorative enthusiasts, two of which made Hall of Fame status for the sets they built. “The Heller Collection” was the first to put together a monumental collection of 144-piece commemoratives and was awarded the Hall of Fame award in 2002. At the time Mr. Heller retired his collection, the set had a 66.84 rating. Then, in 2011, Bruce Scher also received the Hall of Fame award for his 144-piece set, with a rating of 67.42. The “Subway Tokens” collection eclipses both of these outstanding collections with a whopping 67.80 ratingtruly one of the greatest showings of this series of all time!

     This collection showcases some of the highest graded examples of these coins ever seen, boasting an extremely impressive two Pop 1/0 coins (you can see these coins marked below), five Pop 2/0 coins, and twelve Pop 3/0 coins! In total, this 144-coin collection has 59 coins in top grade, with no examples graded higher! In addition, there are currently 71 coins with CAC stickers in this collection. Needless to say, it was no easy task for the owner of this set to assemble such an impressive group of coins!

A collection such as this does not come around every day. It is our honor and privilege to showcase such a special set of coins on MonsterCoinMart. If you would like to purchase or inquire about this collection, please do not hesitate to Contact Us!


(Several Photographed Examples from this Set)
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Below are the coins offered in this collection. If you are having trouble viewing the table below on your device (e.g. the table is getting cut off), or if you would like to see this set in the "PCGS Set Registry" (along with photos for all of the coins), click here!

1893 25C Isabella MS67+ CAC 9220
1921 50C Alabama MS67 CAC 9224
1921 50C Alabama 2X2 MS67 9225
1936 50C Albany MS68 9227 *[POP 3/0]*
1937 50C Antietam MS68 9229
1935 50C Arkansas MS67+ CAC 9233
1935-D 50C Arkansas MS67+ CAC 9234
1935-S 50C Arkansas MS67+ 9235
1936 50C Arkansas MS67+ 9237 *[POP 3/0]*
1936-D 50C Arkansas MS67+ CAC 9238
1936-S 50C Arkansas MS67+ CAC 9239
1937 50C Arkansas MS67 9241
1937-D 50C Arkansas MS67 9242
1937-S 50C Arkansas MS67+ 9243 *[POP 3/0]*
1938 50C Arkansas MS67+ CAC 9245 **[POP 2/0]**
1938-D 50C Arkansas MS67+ CAC 9246
1938-S 50C Arkansas MS67 9247
1939 50C Arkansas MS67 9249
1939-D 50C Arkansas MS67+ CAC 9250
1939-S 50C Arkansas MS67 CAC 9251
1936-S 50C Bay Bridge MS68+ CAC 9254
1934 50C Boone MS67+ CAC 9257
1935 50C Boone MS67+ CAC 9258
1935/34 50C Boone MS68 CAC 9262
1935-D 50C Boone MS67+ 9259
1935/34-D 50C Boone MS68 9263
1935-S 50C Boone MS68 CAC 9260 ***[POP 1/0]***
1935/34-S 50C Boone MS68 9264 *[POP 3/0]*
1936 50C Boone MS68 CAC 9266
1936-D 50C Boone MS67+ 9267
1936-S 50C Boone MS68 CAC 9268 *[POP 3/0]*
1937 50C Boone MS68 9270 *[POP 3/0]*
1937-D 50C Boone MS68 9271
1937-S 50C Boone MS67+ 9272
1938 50C Boone MS67+ 9274
1938-D 50C Boone MS67+ CAC 9275
1938-S 50C Boone MS68 9276
1936 50C Bridgeport MS67+ CAC 9279
1946 50C Booker T. Washington MS68 CAC 9404 **[POP 2/0]**
1946-D 50C Booker T. Washington MS68 9405 Crossed from NGC-MS68+
1946-S 50C Booker T. Washington MS68 9406
1947 50C Booker T. Washington MS67 9408
1947-D 50C Booker T. Washington MS67 CAC 9409
1947-S 50C Booker T. Washington MS67 9410
1948 50C Booker T. Washington MS67 9412
1948-D 50C Booker T. Washington MS67 9413
1948-S 50C Booker T. Washington MS67+ CAC 9414
1949 50C Booker T. Washington MS67 9416
1949-D 50C Booker T. Washington MS67+ 9417
1949-S 50C Booker T. Washington MS67+ CAC 9418
1950 50C Booker T. Washington MS67 9420
1950-D 50C Booker T. Washington MS67+ 9421 *[POP 3/0]*
1950-S 50C Booker T. Washington MS67+ 9422
1951 50C Booker T. Washington MS67+ 9424
1951-D 50C Booker T. Washington MS67+ CAC 9425
1951-S 50C Booker T. Washington MS67+ 9426
1925-S 50C California MS68 9481 Crossed from NGC-MS68+
1936 50C Cincinnati MS67+ CAC 9483 *[POP 3/0]*
1936-D 50C Cincinnati MS67+ 9484
1936-S 50C Cincinnati MS67 CAC 9485
1936 50C Cleveland MS68 CAC 9288 **[POP 2/0]**
1936 50C Columbia MS68 CAC 9291
1936-D 50C Columbia MS68 CAC 9292
1936-S 50C Columbia MS68+ CAC 9293
1892 50C Columbian MS67+ 9296
1893 50C Columbian MS67+ CAC 9297
1935 50C Connecticut MS67+ CAC 9299
1936 50C Delaware MS67+ 9301
1936 50C Elgin MS68 9303
1936 50C Gettysburg MS67+ CAC 9305
1922 50C Grant MS67+ CAC 9306
1922 50C Grant Star MS66 CAC 9307
1928 50C Hawaiian MS66+ 9309
1935 50C Hudson MS67+ 9312
1924 50C Huguenot MS68 9314
1946 50C Iowa MS68+ CAC 9316
1925 50C Lexington MS67 9318
1918 50C Lincoln MS68+ 9320 **[POP 2/0]**
1936 50C Long Island MS67+ CAC 9322
1936 50C Lynchburg MS67+ CAC 9324
1920 50C Maine MS67+ 9326
1934 50C Maryland MS67+ 9328
1921 50C Missouri MS66+ 9330
1921 50C Missouri 2X4 MS66+ 9331
1923-S 50C Monroe MS67 CAC 9333
1938 50C New Rochelle MS68 CAC 9335
1936 50C Norfolk MS68+ CAC 9337
1926 50C Oregon MS67+ CAC 9340
1926-S 50C Oregon MS68 9341
1928 50C Oregon MS68 CAC 9342
1933-D 50C Oregon MS67+ CAC 9343
1934-D 50C Oregon MS67+ CAC 9344
1936 50C Oregon MS68 CAC 9345
1936-S 50C Oregon MS68 CAC 9346
1937-D 50C Oregon MS68+ 9347
1938 50C Oregon MS68 9348
1938-D 50C Oregon MS69 9349 *[POP 3/0]*
1938-S 50C Oregon MS68 CAC 9350
1939 50C Oregon MS68 9352
1939-D 50C Oregon MS68+ CAC 9353
1939-S 50C Oregon MS67+ CAC 9354
1915-S 50C Panama-Pacific MS68 9357
1920 50C Pilgrim MS68 9359 *[POP 3/0]*
1921 50C Pilgrim MS67+ 9360
1936 50C Rhode Island MS67+ 9363
1936-D 50C Rhode Island MS68+ CAC 9364 **[POP 2/0]**
1936-S 50C Rhode Island MS67+ 9365
1937 50C Roanoke MS68 9367
1936 50C Robinson MS67+ CAC 9369
1935-S 50C San Diego MS68 CAC 9371
1936-D 50C San Diego MS67+ 9372
1926 50C Sesquicentennial MS66 9374
1935 50C Spanish Trail MS68 9376
1925 50C Stone Mountain MS68+ 9378 *[POP 3/0]*
1934 50C Texas MS67+ 9381
1935 50C Texas MS68 9382
1935-D 50C Texas MS68 CAC 9383
1935-S 50C Texas MS68 CAC 9384
1936 50C Texas MS67+ CAC 9386
1936-D 50C Texas MS68 CAC 9387
1936-S 50C Texas MS68 CAC 9388
1937 50C Texas MS68 CAC 9390
1937-D 50C Texas MS67+ CAC 9391
1937-S 50C Texas MS67+ CAC 9392
1938 50C Texas MS67+ 9394
1938-D 50C Texas MS67+ CAC 9395
1938-S 50C Texas MS67+ CAC 9396
1925 50C Vancouver MS67+ 9399
1927 50C Vermont MS67 9401
1951 50C Washington-Carver MS67 CAC 9430
1951-D 50C Washington-Carver MS66+ CAC 9431
1951-S 50C Washington-Carver MS67+ CAC 9432
1952 50C Washington-Carver MS67+ 9434
1952-D 50C Washington-Carver MS66+ 9435
1952-S 50C Washington-Carver MS67+ CAC 9436
1953 50C Washington-Carver MS67 9438
1953-D 50C Washington-Carver MS67 CAC 9439 *[POP 3/0]*
1953-S 50C Washington-Carver MS67 CAC 9440
1954 50C Washington-Carver MS67 9442
1954-D 50C Washington-Carver MS66+ 9443
1954-S 50C Washington-Carver MS67+ 9444 ***[POP 1/0]***
1936 50C Wisconsin MS68+ CAC 9447
1936 50C York MS68 9449
1900 $1 Lafayette MS66+ CAC 9222

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